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National Learning Network Manorhamilton

Phone: 086 043 8055
Service Short Description:

This course is designed to provide person-centred training to people with a broad range of extra support needs. It offers students an opportunity to explore personal, social and vocational skills and includes a high level of integration with the local community. Underpinning this programme is New Directions, a HSE person centred service for adults with disabilities. It helps students develop their personal effectiveness and self-advocacy skill. Access supports them to become more independent in social, work-based and supported community situations and progress onto further training or education.

Null Set Productions

Phone: 0868052976
Service Short Description:

gatherings: the inaugural DT1 and DT2 conferences in Ballina, Mayo

content creation: video/audio podcasts, articles, curations

services: Digital Retreats, Socratic dialogs, consulting

ideas: thematic analysis of digitisation

investment: the Digital Society bursaries